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Mick El-Massri,
Founder and Principal Developer

Making Your Vision a Reality

Mick El-Massri's background encompasses over 32 years in the Real Estate Development field. He has enjoyed a versatile career through all aspects of design, development, and construction. Mick's attention to detail has led to him having successfully built his businesses and reputation on the quality of his work and reliability of his word.

Mr. El-Massri is a US Marine Corps Veteran with more than 7 years of meritorious service around the world.  Because of his training and service, Mick is instilled with the highest level of devotion and concern for all Armed Service Veterans. For this reason, part of the mission for Lakeside Renewables is to provide qualified Veterans opportunities for employment and long term careers.

(Please click on Mick El-Massri for resume)

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